Lithuania has a very beautiful beach in Neringa. In fact last year our Curonian Spit was elected second best beach to swing a hammock in the world by also recently there was found a high quality of healing mud and mineral water in Curonian Spit and it is planned to open a Sea therapy Center there, that could attract a lot of older foreigners. This lovely place should be definitely added to the one of the tours.

town is an upmarket holiday resort, hosting about 200,000-300,000 tourists each summer, mostly Lithuanians, Germans, Latvians, and Russians. It is characterized by low-key entertainment and a distinct family focus. However during recent years it become a decent point of interest for fine electronica music and modern art shows at an eclectic forest retreat.

Since 2000, a jazz festival has been organised every year. A local radio station Neringa FM streams live beats over FM and online. There are also interesting places to see nearby, including some of the highest sand dunes in Europe, a large sundial (now partially destroyed by storm), fisherman's ethnographic museum, gallery-museum of amber, neo-Gothic church (built in 1888). There is also a camping site.

Nida's beach participates in the Blue Flag Programme.


s a seaside resort town in western Lithuania, on the shore of the Baltic Sea. It is the busiest summer resort in Lithuania and has beaches of sand (18 km long and up to 300 m wide) and beautiful sand dunes. Officially Palanga has the status of a city municipality and includes Šventoji, Nemirseta, Būtingė and other settlements, which are considered as part of the city of Palanga.


Druskininkai is a year-round international resort offering mineral bath, mud and climate therapies. Mineral waters of different mineralization, similar to the well-known European mineral waters, and cure mud are found in the resort.  Nature also endowed Druskininkai with mild climate, many lakes and beautiful parks and groves, where the guests can find their peace. Since 1794 the small town that has rapidly grown into an attractive tourist center offering all the benefits of a carefree and safe vacation.

Druskininkai offers a wide variety of health treatment services: herbal, bubble, honey and other baths, massages, krio- and magnet therapy, various health care, beauty and weight loss packages, etc.

Here are several worth-seeing sights: soviet sculptures museum “Gruto parkas”, woodcarvers’ parks, etc. Visit one of the largest Aqua-parks in Europe and 70-level adventure park ONE.

Druskininkai Snoras Snow Arena – the only winter activities complex in the Baltic countries that works all year round. Three skiing slopes and snowboarding park are arranged in the area of 8 hectares. Snow in Snoras Snow Arena is made by using PowderStar Series technology. Water and air are the only ingredients of the snow, no chemical or bacteriological additives are used, so our snow is 100% natural. The snow making system in Snoras Snow Arena is fully automatic; it can be controlled and managed remotely. The technology of PowderStar Series gives us opportunity to produce the snow of highest quality all year round.


It is known for its mineral water. This water is used by sanatoria for mineral water pools and baths. There are two large sanatoria in Birštonas – Tulpė (English: Tulip) and Versmė (English: Spring). Both offer halotherapy, therapeutic mud bathes, mineral water pools, baths, massages, and a wide range of curative procedures. Birštonas also has hotels and country farmsteads, adapted for rural tourism. Local attractions include Vytautas hill, where a Lithuanian Grand Duke Vytautas had his hunting mansion; two museums; and the Promenade, a path near the Neman River. Cycling in local Žvėrinčius forest, riding a horse, sailing, sculling, or canoeing along the Verknė or the Nemunas rivers are provided. Birštonas is one of Lithuania's few resorts.