Dental X-ray shows one or more tooth crowns and their roots. It is taken for diagnostic purposes or during therapeutic treatment. The x-rays can help to determine the length of root canals, their location, tooth decay, depth of bone pockets.

Panoramic X-ray gives a broad overview of the upper and lower jawbone and sinuses. It is important in assessing the general condition of teeth and jaws, evaluating and planning the treatment.

Oral panoramic x-rays are taken for:

  • planning the treatment, evaluating general condition of all the teeth, including their roots;
  • planning the extraction of wisdom teeth and impacted teeth;
  • planning a larger extent prosthesis work;
  • assessing periodontal condition;
  • before planning an implant surgery, a special panoramic x-ray ("implant mode") is taken; it helps evaluating the bone condition, screwing the implant, or choosing the appropriate one (implant);
  • planning orthodontic treatment.

Dental radiograph. analysis, description -  6 Eur
Panoramic radiograph. analysis, description - 18 Eur

Adapted radiograph - one of 16 positions. Analysis, description -  18 Eur

Panoramic radiograph for implantation - 26 Eur

Lateral head teleradiograph. analysis, description - 21 Eur


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