The following therapeutic services are performed in our clinic: teeth and their root canal treatment ant filling, aesthetic filling, restoration of tooth angle or dental crowns.

The JSC „Denticija"Ltd. offers its‘ patients a new quality of treatment - the treatment, using a German dental microscope of Carl Zeiss, the "OMPI pico". This technology allows enlarging the smallest details of a tooth to 32 times and makes it clearly visible.

This is of utmost importance in the dental root treatment. The microscope helps to see the additional, jammed canals, root decays and small entrances of canals, which is difficult to see with a naked eye.The clearer is visibility, the better is diagnosis and the quality of treatment of dental diseases.

Cost of dental chek-up, consultation: 4-15 Eur

Cost of treatment of root canals

Single root canal:                                                     
Without filling -  53 Eur                                                                                   

With filling - 82-159 Eur                      

Two-rooted tooth:
Without filling - 85 Eur
With filling - 115-185 Eur

Three-rooted tooth:

Without filling -  117 Eur

With filling - 147-215 Eur

Aesthetic restoration for one tooth: 52-142 Eur

Therapists: Petrikauskiene A., Zdanceviciute A., Dzedulioniene R., Jurkuveniene M., Sleniene G.


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