Various surgical procedures are performed in our clinic:extraction of teeth, operations for odontogenous cysts, implantation, bone augmentation.

Cost of consultation - 15 Eur
Extracting of primary or periodontal tooth (including anaesthesia) - 9-15 Eur
Extraction of tooth (including anaesthesia) - 29-44 Eur
Complicated extraction of tooth (including anaesthesia) - 45-68 Eur
Extracting of unerupted tooth (including anaesthesia, preparing of patient for operation, decorticating, number of seams) - 106-179 Eur
Gingivectomy per tooth (including anaesthesia) - the price depends on seams number - 30-48 Eur
Resecion of root's apex (the price depends on size and complexity of procedure, anaesthesia's type, seams number, tooth place) - 176-220 Eur
Operation for odontogenic cyst more -   220-250 Eur
Plastic of tongue's mesentery -  81 Eur
Plastic of lip's mesentery -  81 Eur

Surgeon - implantologist:
Kapucinskas G.


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