The following prosthetic restorations are performed in our clinic: crowns, bridges, complex partial dentures with different systems of fixation, dentures, restorations on implants.

Metal-free ceramic - is the newest and the best material, meeting aesthetic criteria. It is permeable to light, and close to the tooth color and transparency properties. The physical and chemical characteristics of these materials are also similar - the strength, temperature changes, wear resistance, and durability.

Metal ceramic crowns are used to restore the teeth, damaged by deep carious disease or injury; and which is impossible to restore with the help of filling materials.

Metal ceramic bridges can be used to restore the lost tooth, but in this case it is necessary to rub down the adjacent teeth. Therefore, before choosing metal ceramic bridge, it is worthwhile to consider if it would be better to place an implant instead of extracted tooth, and after the implant naturalizes, to restore the defect by metal ceramic crown on the implant.

Bridges are used to fill the defect after tooth loss. In this case, the adjacent teeth are rubbed down and covered with crowns with intermediate part, replacing own teeth.

Prostheses on implants are the prostheses, which restore maximum function (eating, diction) and aesthetics (the appearance of a tooth or an entire dental arch).

Dental plates (partial and full jaw) are used to restore lost teeth, when it is impossible to make a bridge, or to temporary
restore the defect after extracting a tooth, while planning further treatment. Dental plates are qualified as full and partial.

Cost of consultation - 18 Eur

Detailed information and planning of treatment during consultation - 23 Eur

Temporary plastic crown - 23 Eur

Metal- ceramic crown ( excluding price of alloy) - 145-206 Eur

Cast post and core ( single-rooted) ( excluding price of alloy) - 72 Eur

Cast post and core ( two-rooted) ( excluding price of alloy) - 81 Eur

Cast post and core ( three-rooted) ( excluding price of alloy) - 98 Eur

Metal - free ceramic crown -  237-318 Eur

Ceramic lamina - 246-318 Eur

Complete jaw plate (14 teath) - 290 Eur

Partial denture for 1 jaw - 423 Eur

: Urbsiene I., Aleksa l., Petrikauskas A., Cerniauskas P.


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