Rita Juskytė-Hoeth (Germany)
I am sincerely grateful to all Pro-implant team for the professional and fast work. Since I had a lot of problems, my visits lasted almost a year. They extracted me the tooth, removed nerves from the channels, made crowns, etc. Therefore, bearing this experience, I can say that the clinic employs only professional experts who know their job very well and is always kind to the customers. I am very pleased with the result.
I currently live in Germany and during preventive visit to the dentist, I was asked, where my dental treatment was done, because everything is very well done. This only confirms that the clinic Pro-implant works in accordance with German standards.
Thank you and good luck to you!

Daina Brusokiene (Kaunas)
I want to thank the professional team of the clinic. This year I decided not only to do dental filling, but also to implant two teeth. I am very pleased with the result and the work of Darius, Sonata and their assistants. Careful work of doctors, which lasted for 5 months, gave a lot of satisfaction for me as a patient.
Extremely surprising for me was a detailed explanation of what I will be done, how it will be done and what the potential consequences. Thank you for your work.

Mr. Arnaud (France)
I am very pleased with the treatment. They work as a clinic, so after examination by the head surgeon you are immediately directed to the relevant specialist. They don't try to force the most expensive solutions on you. In my case they discovered that I needed root canals obturation first, so they postponed the implants for a later trip to Kaunas, which I found very professional. They take ample time to explain to you everything and request your consent. For that they are helped by top level imagery hardware. The technologies and materials used are of the best quality you can find in Western Europe (implants, in-lay cores... their bone reconstruction techniques are even directly imported from the most recent research in Germany). As far as the care and finalization are concerned I found them superior to what I could expect in France. The staff is friendly and ready to help for touristic information. They give you a cup of coffee the first time you arrive, if you leave in December they wish you a merry Christmas, and all that kind of small attentions that make you feel comfortable. The clinic is very close to the city center, the rooms are large and modern, with remarkable view on the cathedral on one side. Frankly I knew before coming that Baltic dentists were good, but I didn't expect they would be so good.

Mr. Silvestras P. (Kaunas)
I used to visit this dental clinic pretty often, because I had a lot of problems due to teeth extraction. It was very difficult to chew up the food. Therefore I decided that I need teeth implantation. The implantation was performed by Dr. D.Pocebutas. Bone augmentation operation and implantation went very well and I was pleased with very high level of care service.

Monika Paleckaityte (Kaunas)
I have been visiting this clinic for almost two years. There was no time to be disappointed. I strongly recommend this clinic to my friends and family. I am very pleased with the specialists who work at the clinic, and grateful for the prompt assistance and solved my problems.

Tom (Lithuania)
I am very satisfied with the treatment.

Monika Nakaite (Klaipeda)
I am very satisfied with the treatment. First of all – Pro-implant clinic is very modern and well equipped, so they can offer the best diagnosis and treatment. During my examination by the head Dr. Darius Pocebutas I realized what a great possibilities modern medical equipment provides to the doctors. Second - a team of professionals. Before that I had a good dentist and his work was accepted. However, after the first visit to the Pro-Implant dental clinic, I could see the difference. My experience with the Pro-Implant is completely different – during my teeth filling procedure I felt so comfortable I could hardly stay awake. I never thought that this could happen to me. I want to thank doctor Skirbutiene Sonata who works at the clinic. She works so gently, so you feel calm and comfortable. The whole atmosphere in the clinic is very comfortable. Staff at the clinic is very sincere and friendly. My dental tretament practice at the Pro-implant dental clinic is the best, I have ever had.