Root canal treatment, Endodontics.
We introduce you doctor IRMA ŠLIVINSKIENĖ

Doctor, what is Endodontics and when this treatment is necessary?

Endodontics is a dental root canal therapy. Mostly, this treatment is applicable in case of acute pain due to tooth pulp (nerve), inflammation of tissues surrounding the root, if the previous endodontic treatment was carried out unsuccessfully, or in the event of tooth cracks or damage. If the pulp becomes infected, there is a high risk that the infection can spread throughout the root canal system and can lead to painful abscesses. If you delay the root canal therapy, there will appear even more problems, such as tooth removal.

What technological innovations applicable to this treatment can offer to the patients Vilnius clinic Denticija?

Our clinic can offer the newest technologies, which are nowadays used in endodontic treatment, i.e. "Zeiss" microscope, ultrasound machine, a new generation tools "Wave One" for root canal cleaning, "Calamus" device, that allows to seal the canal with hot gutta-percha. It is very important, that all of this technology influences the quality of treatment as well as the final result.

What is the procedure of tooth root canal therapy?

For most patients, dental root canal treatment associates with unpleasant procedure and pain, but thanks to modern technologies, the treatment is painless and does not last long. During it, the canals are cleaned mechanically and chemically and then filled.

Irma, there are cases when endodontic re-treatment is necessary, and what are the stages?

When the case is uncomplicated, the treatment can be performed in one visit, when a root canal is cleaned and filled immediately. If the case is complicated (which is determined by the number of tooth roots and the severity of inflammation), several visits may need to clean and fill in the root canals.

What are the alternatives to endodontic re-treatment?

If it is impossible to cure a root canal in a conservative way, in some cases surgical method (root resection, hemisection) is applied. When endodontic treatment is no longer possible, then usually it is necessary to remove a tooth and replace it with an implant or make prosthesis of dental defect.

Doctor, what would be your recommendations for dental care after the treatment?

Dental care should be the same for both - treated and untreated teeth - the most important is a good daily  oral hygiene (in the morning and in the evening), professional oral hygiene procedures at Your dentists' at least once a year, and good quality restoration and sealing of the endodontically treated tooth with a filling or a tooth crown.

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