Prosthodontics - an attractive smile reflects a healthy lifestyle!
We introduce you doctor LIDIJA JARAŠIENĖ


It seems that there is enough information about prosthodontics, but our clinic's specialist Lidija Jarašienė will help you to clearly understand the benefits and exclusivity of these dental services. Every human body is very individual, so it is important to remember that health begins in your mouth...

Even today, many of us have a misconception that prosthodontics is a difficult, long and exhausting treatment, which can result in strongly affected teeth. This is a complete myth, but a large percentage of people are delaying dental prosthesis because of this reason. The longer the delay, the more difficult is a state of oral condition. In such cases, the treatment is really complex, requiring intervention of more than one dental specialist, a number of additional invasive procedures and, of course, increased financial costs.

Modern prosthodontics - is a real art in the mouth. Science, innovation and progress is moving forward rapidly and today can offer an increasing number of dental treatments and techniques. Dental materials, compared with earlier times, have improved significantly in quality, aesthetics and biocompatibility factors,  that practically have learned to replicate nature - to give not only shining beauty to a smile, comfort and self-confidence to the patient, but also to return the sense of valuable life.

I, personally, recommend to my patients metal-free ceramics and porcelain - prosthetic products that are today's alternative to aesthetic dental restoration. Teeth abrasion in such cases is an adequate process, the same as during aesthetic restoration procedure, while in the end, the result is reliable and long lasting.

Prosthetic dental care is the same as natural teeth care. Ceramics in the mouth does not change the color, so the "staining" food products can used safely.

The main purpose of prosthodontics - is to restore the lost tooth line and structure, chewing function, aesthetic appearance and disturbed speech because of teeth loss. This treatment also ensures stable and durable results. And most importantly, remember, that modern technology allows us to produce dental prostheses that almost do not differ from natural teeth!

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