Opening of a new Medical Tourism Project
2011 Оctober a new Lithuanian Project, Medical Tourism Lithuania, is now open. It is a medical tourism project that unites Lithuania's leading private medical institutions. This Webpage type project was created to help patients looking for information about Lithuania and health care, and seeking for qualified medical assistance. The Webpage visitors will be able to receive complete information about Lithuania, its places of interest, tourist information, and information about the country's leading medical institutions and services.

The Project motto - 3 Steps to Your Health!

The aim of the project is a quick and easy three-step provision of comprehensive information about:

1.      Lithuania;
2.      health care services and their benefits in Lithuania;
3.      sending a request to be treated in the selected health care facility. 

Year 2011 was declared in Lithuania as the Year of Medical Tourism, so this project will help patients, who wish to come to Lithuania for treatment, to find all necessary information as well as get expert advice and assistance in Lithuania' leading medical institutions.

Medical tourism is very popular in Lithuania and continues to expand actively. Lithuania is a country of high quality medical services at a reasonable price. The Lithuanian healthcare system complies with the EU directives and requirements for the quality of medical services. The Lithuanian doctors speak foreign languages, regularly improve their skills abroad and are renowned for their high level of customer service, which includes respect, care and attention to the patient.

We invite everyone to participate in the new project, to familiarize themselves with the information provided on this site, to actively ask questions on topics of their interest, to communicate with doctors and patients in the blog, and to share their experiences.