New in Orthopaedics – Knee Cartilage Re-growing by Natural Means
Orthopaedic treatment by means of natural re-growing of knee cartilage from joints is performing at the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre. This surgery utilizes the latest conservative surgical technique and Swiss technology.

Traumas, major physical stresses, and various joint diseases cause damage to the knee and ankle cartilage even for young people. These patients most commonly complain of pain during movement, swollen joints, scraping sensation in the joints, and limited joint mobility. Over time the cartilage is damaged more and more, it thins out, so the symptoms become worse.

At the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre, patients with damaged knee and ankle cartilage are treated using the AMIC surgical technique. Damaged cartilage is re-growing using the natural regenerative processes of the body. Deep and extensive damage to the cartilage is treated in this way. This surgical procedure takes only 40 minutes. The surgery is arthroscopic and does not involve any major incisions. Cartilage defects are cleaned up using special instruments. Small openings are made in the bones, through which stem cells are formed in the bone marrow. In the case of AMIC procedure, the joint cartilage is regenerated over a period of 2 - 3 months. On the next day after the surgical intervention the patient is allowed to return home. Only a small scar will remain after the surgery.

At the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre, cartilage restoration surgeries are performed by an experienced surgeon, orthopaedist-traumatologist of the highest category Darijus Rimas.