We are the only specialized Clinic in the Baltic States that offers beauty, aesthetic medicine and medical SPA treatments since 1994. The Clinic employs over 150 professional beauty specialists.

The Beauty Therapy and Surgery Clinic creates beauty by safe, scientifically proven and practically tested services and measures. Our staff has long been recognized for its commitment, dedication and excellence, and trusted by constant clients, Lithuanian and foreign people.

We are very proud of our skillful specialists in aesthetic, plastic and vascular surgery, dermatology and cosmetology, experts in body care, permanent makeup, pedicure and manicure, highly-trained hairdressers and stylists, visagists, dietologists, massagists, sports or body shape personal trainers - all of them are one of the best in our country.

The Beauty Therapy and Surgery Clinic offers aesthetic medicine services: plastic, reconstructive and vein varicose surgery, dermatological laser treatments including intense pulsed light therapy, skin resurfacing, removal of unwanted hair, tattoos, skin lesions, pigmented spots and dilated capillaries.

We provide a wide range of beauty treatments such as mesotherapy (microinjections of active ingredients into the skin), microcrystal skin abrasion, chemical acid or NeoStrata peels, treatment of scalp and hair diseases (hair loss, alopecia or baldness, breakage). These treatments are performed by highly-qualified doctors with years of experience and practice; most of them have a doctor degree in medicine.

Certified beauty therapists, massage specialists and visagists of the highest qualification perform face and body care or rejuvenation treatments, massage, permanent makeup, Dead Sea water and mud therapy.  

Transportation from airport and accommodation near the The Beauty Therapy and Surgery Clinic can be organized.

Established: 1994

Accreditation: our Clinic have a huge experience (started since 1994) and fit all the strict local requirements regarding specialist licencing and clinic accreditation, including professional liability insurance.


  • - Plastic Surgery
  • - Angiosurgery (leg veins surgery)
  • - Esthetic dermatology (skin rejuvenation, removal of skin lesions)
  • - Dermo oncology (diagnosis and removal of skin naevus and moles)
  • - Medical SPA (massage, esthetic and cosmetic procedures, etc.)
  • - Dead Sea water and mud therapy
  • - Beauty and estethic procedures with high quality profesional cosmetics products