International Dental Clinic „Pro-implant“ offers:
dentistry innovations
German medical standards and technologies for a Lithuanian price
sedation dentistry
patient safety
comfortable environment
English-speaking staff

Dentistry innovations

Bone ring technique
International Dental Clinic „Pro-implant“ director Darius Pocebutas is the first dentist in Lithuania who introduced an innovative method of bone augmentation – Bone ring technique. This is the only method, that allows to perform bone augmentation and dental implantation in one procedure. The treatment time for a patient reduced by 5-6 months. 

Laser Dentistry
International Dental Clinic „Pro-implant“ is equipped with an advanced technology - Waterlase IPLUS dental laser. Waterlase IPLUS is combines YSGG laser energy and water. This allows to perform many traditional procedures more accurately, faster and painless. 

German medical standards and technologies

German education
D. Pocebutas is one of the first Lithuanian implantologist, successfuly graduated J. W. Goethe University (Frankfurt, Germany), post-graduate studies in implantology. Certificate of completion of the program was awarded in 2011.

German partners
Since 2000, International Dental Clinic „Pro-implant“ is an equal partner of the International Institute of Implantation „Pro-Implant“ (Germany). Medical Director of the Institute – Dr. Bernhard Giesenhagen constantly is coming to the Clinic to advise patients with the particularly complex cases.
International Dental Clinic „Pro-implant“  collaborates with a dental technician Holger Abendroth (Germany). Products  made in Germany help to achieve a particular aesthetic look and the function of the dental prosthesis.

Sedation dentistry
For the patients who are dreaming of a stress-free dental treatment, deep sedation is offered. Deep (intravenous) sedation - safe, medication-induced depression of consciousness, performed by an anesthesiologist.  It is an effective way to receive relaxed and comfortable dental treatment.

Patient safety
Patient safety - it is the right to freedom from accidental injuries and unnecessary damage due to medical treatment. Universal access to safe, high quality health care services is a principle recognized and valued by the European Union.
Patients safety during the procedures - one of the most important International Dental Clinic's „Pro-implant“ priorities. 

Comfortable environment
International Dental Clinic „Pro-implant“ provides dental care in a calm and comfortable environment. Warm interior colors, quiet music helps patients to reduce dental anxieties and phobias.
A modern ventilation system maintains a good indoor climate and high level of indoor comfort. 

English-speaking staff
English speaking, friendly and sincere staff gives an individual attention and care to every patient .