Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre
Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre is a private multi-profile medical centre-hospital in Lithuania that offers services of health check-up programmes, instrumental and laboratory diagnostics, more than 100 types of surgeries, and rehabilitation. Over 150 acknowledged Lithuanian physicians with extensive international experience are practice in the Medical Centre. The Medical Centre is equipped with only up to date and the safest facilities. Physicians and the entire medical staff pay particular and individual attention to every patient.
Denticija - Dental Clinic
Our advantage is professional provision of overall dental services to patiens in one place. “Denticija“ was established in 1993 and work  in this sector for more than 17 years. This is a modern clinic where work 16 dentists of different specialties: therapists, orthopeadists, orthodontists, surgeon, also hygienist.
The Beauty Therapy and Surgery Clinic Sugihara
We are the only specialized Clinic in the Baltic States that offers beauty, aesthetic medicine and medical SPA treatments since 1994. We are very proud of our skillful specialists in aesthetic, plastic and vascular surgery, dermatology and cosmetology, experts in body care, permanent makeup, pedicure and manicure, highly-trained hairdressers and stylists, visagists, dietologists, massagists, sports or body shape personal trainers - all of them are one of the best in our country.

The Beauty Therapy and Surgery Clinic offers aesthetic medicine services: plastic, reconstructive and vein varicose surgery, dermatological laser treatments including intense pulsed light therapy, skin resurfacing, removal of unwanted hair, tattoos, skin lesions, pigmented spots and dilated capillaries.

International Dental Clinic „Pro-implant“
International Dental Clinic „Pro-implant“ offers:
dentistry innovations
German medical standards and technologies for a Lithuanian price
sedation dentistry
patient safety
comfortable environment
English-speaking staff