About us
Medical Tourism Lithuania is a Lithuanian medical tourism project that unites Lithuania’s leading private medical institutions and helps to obtain health care and improvement services in Lithuania.

The Project motto 3 Steps to Your Health!
The aim of the project is a quick and easy three-step provision of comprehensive information about:

1. Lithuania;
2. health care services and their benefits in Lithuania;
3. sending a request to be treated in the selected health care facility.

This project involves Lithuania’s leading private medical institutions notable for the broad range, high quality and exclusiveness services provided. This allows portal visitors to receive information and, in the future, treatment in all medicine and health areas of their interest. The project includes medical services, dental care and health-improving treatments.

Here, visitors will be able to familiarize themselves with the information about Lithuania, its attractions and resorts as well as other useful information.

In the Medical Tourism Lithuania portal visitors have the opportunity to participate in interactive conversations in the blog, where they can ask questions, receive advice, write reviews, or simply chat with the Lithuanian health professionals.      
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