We introduce you doctor LIDIJA JARAŠIENĖ


It seems that there is enough information about prosthodontics, but our clinic's specialist Lidija Jarašienė will help you to clearly understand the benefits and exclusivity of these dental services. Every human body is very individual, so it is important to remember that health begins in your mouth...

This year on 1st of March the very first medical tourism conference was held in Lithuania. The number of participants reached about 120. They represented the university and private medical institutions, hospitals, tourism, business, public and educational institutions.
We introduce you doctor IRMA ŠLIVINSKIENĖ

Doctor, what is Endodontics and when this treatment is necessary?

Endodontics is a dental root canal therapy. Mostly, this treatment is applicable in case of acute pain due to tooth pulp (nerve), inflammation of tissues surrounding the root, if the previous endodontic treatment was carried out unsuccessfully, or in the event of tooth cracks or damage.